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Accounting services in Sofia

Completely accounting services

Every business needs a reliable accountant. With over 23 years experience in offering accounting services in Sofia, our accounting company has established itself as a reliable partner in accounting for SMEs. Trust in our experience and let us work together.


We will care about your employees

Don’t worry about your employees, we take care of your payroll by ensuring all the necessary paperwork and on time payments as well managing the salaries, social securities and contributions.


Focus of your business

The administrative work is borring and it is often postpone. We will take care of it all, from invoicing, online banking, legal paperwork etc. You can just dump everything on us and we will do it gladly. Join us and let us together build your future.

Taxation and tax advice

Optimise your taxation

Regardless of the type of your business, tax effects have a significant impact on any financial step or business decision. We understand the importance and keep abreast of all legal changes to maximize the value of tax advice. We will support you in the taxation.

Start up your business with us

Company registration in Sofia

We can assist you in starting your new business venture. We will take care of the company registration, all the accounting and tax aspects that await you on the way to your success and will be with you all the time.

You can count on us

Any time when you need

We know that business does not stop or affect the workload of accounting. That is why we set ourselves the goal of always being available and assisting you, regardless of accounting periods and commitments.



    We will take care for all accounting and administrative needs. Let we grow together.



    100% Warranty for our work

    We are responsible

    The only way to guarantee for your work is to stand behind your actions. We guarantee for the work we do, taking responsibility for any damage caused by our fault.

    Accounting services in Sofia

    Completely accounting servicees

    Let us take care for all accounting and tax services of your company. You focus on the important aspects of your business development and let we grow together.

    Completely accounting services for SMEs

    Become a part of our history and let we grow together

    Plamena Zlatkova, CEOPlamena Zlatkova, CEO